Why Newborns often wake up at night

sleep baby

sleep baby

There is little new parents who feel stressed from lack of sleep after having a baby. They so often wake up at night due to baby’s sleep patterns are not regular. Why babies often wake up at midnight? How long does the actual baby to sleep? Let’s understand the sleep patterns of your new baby.

Pediatricians Steven Dowshen of Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children to explain why there is cause newborns average awake at night. That’s because newborns can not distinguish between day and night. Small stomach also can not accommodate breast milk or formula enough to make them fuller for a longer period.

As quoted from Kids Health, newborn babies need food every few hours. No matter it is day or even the day, they would wake up and cry when hungry.

How Long Newborn Baby Sleep?

Newborn babies sleep for 16 hours a day (or even more). Newborns have different sleep phases, namely drowsiness, rapid eye movement (REM: Rapid Eye Movement), light sleep, deep sleep and sleep very soundly. With growth, the stage of sleep that will increase.

It was initially a new parent can be very stressful to face baby’s sleep patterns were only able to sleep for 3-4 hours of this. Patience is the key. When the baby gets older, he will adapt to the environment outside of the fetus.

Newborns also have to consider the needs of the food. Quite many pediatricians advise all mothers not to let their new baby sleeping too long so as not breastfed. This means that the mother should be offered breastfed baby every 3-4 hours or even more frequently in infants who are underweight or premature birth. Keep in mind, breastfed babies will also be faster than a hungry baby to drink formula. That’s because breast milk is more quickly digested by the baby. So that breastfed infants should be fed at least every two hours in the first week of his birth.

How Should Infants Sleep?

To be familiar with the baby’s sleep time, make it a routine. But remember, it took a few weeks for the baby’s brain can tell the difference between day and night. No special tricks how to process it could happen faster, unless you continue to be consistent with the routines that have been implemented.

In addition to sleep time, which also needs to be considered is the situation when the baby is sleeping. Create a safe environment for the baby. Do not put objects that can make it difficult to breathe, like a toy, pillow or blanket. In order to keep the baby warm, without blankets, just use the shirt and trousers.

Infant sleep position is also noteworthy. In 1992 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants sleep on his side or on your back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS).

But when the baby is 5-6 months old, the average baby can roll over to the right side of his left. So parents need to provide a barrier for the baby, especially when sleeping at night. But usually the risk of SIDS have declined at that age.

Creating a New Baby Sleeping in Night

You can create a new baby familiar with the situation outside the fetus after it is born by avoiding giving him too much stimulation when feeding or diaper changed. Try to sleep with the lights are not too bright. Do not take the baby to play or talk to him too much. The things that you do that will make him think that the night is the time to sleep.

Infants who are too tired during the day can make it difficult to sleep at night. Making baby awake during the day so he could be tired and sleep soundly at night, it will not even make it to sleep soundly.

When going to sleep, do routines that are performed before bed like read a book or sing. Although the child is still too easy to understand if it is a routine, at least you’ve done right and useful pattern when he started great.

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