Watched Disney movie Good For Children

Beberapa Film Disney yang Patut Ditunggu dan Ditonton

A movie with the children is one alternative in spending your weekend. However, you also have to be picky films according to their age.

The following recommendations Disney movie that can be served on your baby, as follows:

1. Maleficient
The film, starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and Ellen fanning as Princess Aurora. Antagonist character is what makes the princess pricked up long sleep.

2. Finding Dory
If you have ever watched Finding Nemo, certainly no stranger to Dory. final words of this fish ‘just keep swimming’ is often revealed when they were both troubled. Well, what would happen if now Dory missing? Disney has announced this film since April 2013. The film aired in November 2015.

3. Bears
The story is about family life bears in Alaska. From this film we will see how the bear activity, including a long hibernation.

4. The Good Dinosaur
The film will tell about what happened to the dinosaurs after the asteroid hit the earth. Apparently, not all necessarily dinosaur die instantly. A plant-eating dinosaurs left behind and trying to save themselves from extinction.

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