Various Kinds of Fear Children

Macam-Macam Ketakutan Anak

Try to see your baby, if their behavior tend to be the same between the inside and outside of the home? Whether in the home they are very brave while outside the home tend to be timid?

This fear is reasonable experienced by children, especially those who were aged 2 years. Along with the increasing age of the child, fear they will be reduced accordingly.

Approximately, what is it makes the child feel scared? Here are some types of fear ayng commonly experienced by children aged under five.

First, separation anxiety. As the name implies, children experience fear because they have to “split” with the father or mother. It is usually experienced by children aged 18 months to kindergarten age. Some conditions that normally trigger the baby’s separation anxiety is the first day of school or a meeting with a new babysitter. So, when the children are in a state where they feel these fears, ladies as parents are responsible for the comforting and explain to the child that separated for some time from the parents is not a big problem; that you are just out off Reviews their sight in a short time only.

Kind of fear that is usually experienced by children are afraid to meet new people or stranger suspicion. Kind of fear that is usually experienced by infants up to 3 years old toddlers. For children, a new face that has not been known before is the “threat” for them. In many cases, the fear of this child will end when the person who thinks the foreigner applies to baby friendly. If the baby was in the ladies suspicion stranger, try to calm the baby by explaining to them who the stranger is. One thing that needs to be highlighted, if until the age of 3 years old baby is still experiencing fear of strangers, try to consult a doctor.

There is also a common Fears alias afraid of things that are common. For example, fear to the bathroom alone, afraid of the dark room, or scared by a dog belonging to a neighbor. Fears common cause of children experience is diverse. Some of them are the children had less pleasant events, children see on television, the child heard from an adult around, and see the adults around scared with certain things.
Lastly, there are social anxiety. This means that children experience fear if it must be shared with many people around. Children feel insecure situation who first knew it. Typically, social anxiety ended when the child was 2 years old.

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