Various Causes Fussy Babies and How to Overcome It

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For those of you who have recently had a baby and be a young mother, of course, is often confused with sudden infant crying or fussy. You will be guessing what happened, whether he was sick, would teething or cold.

Here will inform some of the things that can be the cause and how to resolve them as follows:

1. Fever
Your baby fever when it is the process by which the body’s defense against infection and moderate stop the spread of existing viruses. Your baby can be said of fever if temperature is over 38 ?.

How to care:
even though your baby’s body temperature has dropped should you still bathe the baby with warm water or simply with bubble bath. Put the clothes are comfortable, and make sure your baby will not become dehydrated. For infants aged less than six months, medical care should be provided if the body temperature reaches more than 40 ?. If fever persisted for two days, your baby should immediately get medical care. And for infants younger than 3 months should immediately get medical care when an unknown fever.

2. Grow sprut
There was a time you’re having the baby sleep patterns and diet are different. This will cause the baby to behave strange and eat constantly.

How to care:
Add the baby food portions in this phase because the baby will eat in excess of normal. If it is still dependent on the mother’s milk, then the mother should eat more in order to suit the needs of the baby. This will only take place within a few days.

3. Discomfort or pain
Crying baby who is uncomfortable or in pain certainly different from the usual cries. His tone will be higher, coupled with moans and lasts longer.

How to care:
Make sure that what makes the baby uncomfortable, if hungry, thirsty, too cold or hot. Some are sensitive babies with baby equipment and clothing materials, so make sure the baby is experiencing discomfort by it or not. If the baby is sick, you can provide a pain reducer and of course arms you can reduce the pain she felt.

4. Too cold or too hot
New babies are sensitive to little things, for example, is temperature is too cold or too hot

How to care:
Adjust layers of clothing to the conditions at that time, if it’s too cold, while if it is too hot add subtract layers.

5. Over Stimulants
The baby can also feel stress and not being when confronted with a situation that makes it uncomfortable, for example, the shock that he got after seeing your friends who hold or teased.

How to care:
Avoid the baby of the cause. Put the baby in a place where he can relax and feel calm.

6. Dentition
At the time of dentition, each baby has different symptoms. No one likes to bite things in the surrounding areas to those that have diarrhea.

How to care:
Provide toys that are safe and can he bite or chew. You can also use your fingers. Do not forget to ensure cleanliness.

7. Constipation
Constipation is common in infants. Constipation can be known by his hard stool, gravel or hard-shaped in the process of spending.

How to care:
Change his diet, Increase intake of fiber-containing foods such as vegetables and fruits. If consuming milk formula, you can add a dose of water in the milk, you can also perform gentle massage on the baby’s stomach clockwise or you can help the baby’s legs to do a cycling movement. It can help babies overcome constipation.

That’s some of the causes of sudden infant crying and fussing complete with how to treat them. After you definitely know it will be easier to cope when faced with these conditions. Hopefully this information is useful to you.

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