Toys to Train Muscles and Bones Toddlers



It’s fun to have a healthy and active toddler, then give the toy to train their motor. Three of these toys can help train the muscles and bones toddlers. It also hone balance, train the hand and foot coordination, increase alertness and taught high dimensions.

1. Slides.
Improve balance and courage glide from high places. Leg muscles are also trained as he climbs the stairs before sliding.
Proper technique:
• Sit up straight or leaning back while sliding to make it more balanced.
• Hold the child when the slide is too high to avoid tumbling toddler.

2. Trampoline.
Train leg muscles, stomach and back, joints, and balance.
Proper technique:
• Jumping in with both feet. When landed, legs slightly bent to dampen the jump.
• Both hands resting on the handle, when it is more adept to stretch out both hands as a counterweight.

3 . Terraces .
Leg muscles and balance, as well as hone the imagination. Encourage children as if crossing a bridge.
Proper technique :
• Let the child start crawling until finally able to walk up the steps.
• Hold as he balances his body, that is when the foot rests, while others stepped foot climb higher.


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