Toys for Children with Special Needs

Down syndrome child

Down syndrome child

Like normal children, children with ‘special needs’ like toy gifts. Let’s give them a “gift” that can  stimulate the brain and help him / her explore around. Here are some options:

1. Down syndrome child.

• Stuffed soft and tender, because Down syndrome children need to get a hug or a very high warmth.

• “Push toys”, can help kids get exercise walking and balance. Push toy that can stimulate hearing sounds going at once.

• Touch and feel books, because by looking at the picture, touch, feel the texture and listen to the words to stimulate all the senses of the child.

2. Cerebral Palsy child

• Toys with remote control, which can be operated with one hand, like a toy car with remote control.

• Puzzles with big pieces include knop, so easy to handle, removed and installed again, good for children with cerebral palsy who have stiffness in the hands.

3. Children with Autism Spectrum

• “Picture cards”, because children with autism learn visually easier. Picture cards will help develop the ability to communicate.

• The ball with easy grip texture which helps children learn to play, throw and catch that could raise awareness of the sense of touch.

• Toys of cause and effect, for example toys which make a sound when pressed.

4. Children with “Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD) ”

• The buoy, children with ADHD have a lot of energy that needs to be channeled through physical activity. Sports such as swimming can be one way.

• match the beam that can be completed in a short period of time thereby increasing confidence. ADHD children who are troubled in completing tasks that take a long time.

• Crayons large, allowing ADHD children do things without being told right and wrong.


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