Tips that children are not fussy on a long journey

comfort on car seat

comfort on car seat

If you are traveling with children receipts car, there are some things that you should know that your trip is not interrupted because your child fussy. The first thing you should consider is the safety and comfort of children.

1 Make sure you have the car seat / infant seat for the right car, make sure the car seat you have not made ??your child may be uncomfortable.

2 Ensure the sun shade on the window of your car, so that your child does not glare and heat.

3 Bring the child’s favorite items, such as toys and blankets. Turn on your favorite song for your baby boy calm. If there are facilities in your car TV car, do not forget to bring a DVD or films his love.

4 The fourth thing that is important to note is the duration of the trip. Children will tend to get bored when doing a long trip. Deadline normal way babies and toddlers are 1.5 hours. If it is more than that, take your child to exchange occasional seating so that he does not get bored.

5. Prepare baby gear bag with a proper object. The items you need to bring is disposable diapers, extra clothes, blankets, wet wipes for babies, plastic for dirty clothes, a bottle of milk, breast-pad and toys.

Do not carry items that really do not need such as, excessive toys or baby accessories that are not necessarily used. It is only going to make you the added hassle.

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