Tips on traveling with your child

Traveling with child

Traveling with child

Not all tips are recommended by someone suitable for every family. From the tips below may remind you what are the things that should be taken or to note if traveling long distances with Your Kids. These tips are recommended for you who have children under age who can not sit still, or Children as young as toddlers.

If you have to spend most of your time on the plane while traveling with Your Kids, is very frustrating because there are many things that must be considered and carried out by the parents to take care of son at the time on the plane. Before entering any aircraft you have to wait for a visa or luggage. And these are some tips on traveling long distances with your beloved Children, may be useful.

1. Bring toys and books

Something Children have never played or rarely seen before will attract their attention longer than anything that has been played dozens of times. For children aged 10 months they will be more interesting if there was a toy phone (or something noisy). For children aged 1 year or more to draw attention to them if there is a book containing pictures and their attractive and also toys like small cars.

For Children and babies, they do not need something to entertain them, but if there is an older brother of those who are playing something, it would be able to attract the attention of your baby. Right tactics you can do that do not put out all the games that you have provided for them in all at once, but try to remove one by one starting with the small things until the most exciting things their hearts in the end, because if you give it the most appealing their beginning, as parents will surely run out of ideas and Children will look for another reason to play or create chaos.

2. Use technology that is already available

Even if you previously did not allow your child to watch TV at home, it’s time to break the rules. With a small screen in every seat on the plane is the most beneficial for parents and people around them if you are traveling with your Kids. And if you want to avoid the headphones against your child because you are afraid of damaging the ears, most likely the only moving images on the TV screen will be enough to distract them.

3. If you can bring your own technology, bring some of the technology that you have

If you think your tablet and phone technology limits to Your Kids, you better download a little app for your Kids they can play and not forgotten to include their favorite movies into it.

4. Purposes Pack diapers

Instead of always needed to find a diaper on top of that was in the cabin, there is a better way than that which is prepared with plastic bags inside each diaper, and before takeoff, remove all the magazines in your flight bag to one of the chairs next to you, and place the diaper changing mat, tissue and diaper baby there. When the seat belt sign has been turned off, you can go to the bathroom before anyone else precedes.

5. Precaution, bring more clothes for your Child

Better bring more than the disadvantages. Bring more clothes and pajamas go Your child is still a baby and a toddler already. If there are unexpected things like leaky diapers and vomit, emergencies such as this can be resolved quickly if you bring clothes and pajamas away your Son in sufficient quantities.

6. Bring a change of clothes for you

Your child not only needs extra clothes, but, for those of you who care should also bring more clothes, because if an emergency occurs as mentioned above, you may be affected as well, and if you are ready to bring a change of clothes or extra dressing pants , it will be easier for you to turn back time like this when it happens.

7. Do not forget to always bring wet tissue

Wet tissue will greatly help you if your child hands dirty because holding something without you knowing beforehand. If that is the case, it would be difficult to always use the bathroom even if the flight was taking off. With wet tissue at least you will not be so worried about things that might happen like this.

8. Enough for one bag in the hold each parent

Maybe if you are traveling with your child, you would have bothered to carry it like a toy your child to travel on the plane. So you no longer need to read the books and other things that aim to menyibukan yourself. If you are already side by side with the Child on the plane, you do not have the strength to do anything and with only carry one bag is enough to make you busy before or after the current down to the airport.

9. If your child is old enough, let them carry his own goods

Responsibility not only train your child, but your child will also be more orderly if you look around too much to carry alone, with this, your child will be modeled on the good things around him. Items such as toys and story books (or other mild stuff) you can insert them into a small suitcase, and let them take him.

10. Carry snacks

Food on the flight is not necessarily always fit and also not always appropriate to the time your child needs to eat. Bring snacks or snacks that are not problematic for consumption on board. Let’s not bring the food to be put in the refrigerator. Not only that, if the food has been frequently in consumption would also be suitable and will not happen things that make them desirable as nausea and vomiting. Trust me, little food your child should be taken, because small children often had malaise in mid-flight and may feel nausea or vomiting. To avoid it, you better bring a fruit-flavored drinks that you prefer or any Children that can eliminate nausea or malaise them.

11. If you have a toddler-old son, baby wear encouragement that you have

Not at all places allow the use of a boost baby, and it must be considered by the parent. If allowed to carry a baby encouragement from home, it will make you more comfortable even when your child fall asleep in boost baby, you will be liberated and be able to relax a little. Better advised to follow all the procedures before you enter the plane.

12. Find out people around you

Mostly, funny Children can draw the attention of others around you. So, well let your Son say hello or greeted people around him. As well make yourself known by the flight attendants and stewards to let them know that you bring your child may need help, and find out the best bathroom for your child diaper change later.

13. Stick to routines

If you are traveling to the same place or same street. Sometimes you like to try another flight for flight feeling which makes you comfortable to carry your child. If you are already quite comfortable with the choice, you better defend and hold always on the routine that you often do with Your Kids. Apart from the routine discipline that you teach at home, does not mean you should let your child running around or doing activities outside of your control as they please. Making Your child will be much more valuable quieter than having to apply discipline that educates every moment. With Your Kids who sit still, you will also be appreciated by those around you who were on the plane.

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