Tips For More Child Sleep Quality

Tips Agar Tidur Anak Lebih Berkualitas

Sleep is one of the important activities carried out by any person, including children. Although each child in need and have a sleep habits are different, but adequate and quality sleep is very important for the little guy. To get good quality sleep, you as a mother could be working on

Here are tips for better sleep quality child according to sleep experts, as follows :

  • Ensure Bedroom Comfortable
    Arrange the room as comfortable as possible for a place to rest, not a place to play. Keep well as toys or trinkets of all kinds of baby crib. Toys or trinkets can distract your child, even to confuse between playtime and bedtime.
  • Get used to sleep Separated Early
    If it was safe to leave your child sleeping alone, try to sleep in a separate room with your child. Why? This is so very child get used independently, so later when he was growing up and had to sleep in his own room, he will not feel it was a shocking change. And, it will make your child more easily fall asleep alone, without the need to put to sleep. Begin this practice by putting them in separate mara to a sleep schedule, per day. If at night you sleep in the same room with him, give delimiters or separators such as curtains.

  • Cool room temperature
    An adult, your child will also feel more comfortable when sleeping in a cool room. Keep the room temperature between 20-24 degrees Celsius, or choose a nightgown that did not make your child feel stifling.
  • Note Light Indoor
    For your children, a bright light is a marker that he woke up. So, put your child in a crib that is not too exposed to sunlight. So also at night, try not too much light in her bedroom. Teach children to Asleep Again
  • Create a schedule with husband
    If you wake up at night because your child is crying hard for you, create a schedule with her husband. The schedule determines who will get up and what to do if your child cries in the middle of the night. To begin, create a schedule in the calendar, and you both have to be consistent. In this way youwill parenting a little easier, and can establish a close relationship with the child.

Your child’s quality of sleep obtained in a way that is similar to adults. In addition, you may also be able to keep noises while your child is sleeping, so he would not wake up, so sleep better quality.

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