Tips For Keeping the Internet Safe for Children

Tips Menjaga Agar Internet Aman Untuk Anak

Internet is not something new for children. Games and matters related to their education often require internet access. However, you may often wary of letting children access the Internet huh? The threat of pornography, cyber bully, or other things that are provocative could be the reason your fears. But they still need the Internet, a lot of good things they can find through the Internet.

Here’s how to keep kids stay safe access to the Internet, as follows:

  • Filter Content
    Features on your search engine can be set to block sites that should not be accessible to children. For example, porn sites and provocative.
  • Friends in Social Media
    With friends in social media, you can monitor social media timeline children. From there you can know with whom he was friends, what they talked about, what he was thinking or your child likes, and other things. Moreover, in some social media such as facebook, you can also create a private group for your family members.

  • Monitoring Software
    You can use Internet Monitoring Software. The software will connect to your email so you can know what sites are being accessed, what is downloaded, and conversation.
  • Bluetooth
    Adjust the use bluetooth, so that can only receive transfers files manually. This restricts children from receiving an unexpected file submissions.

You have to explain to the children about the functioning of the Internet, and why they are allowed to use it. Explain about the things they should not do and why, the dangers of cyber bullying and provocation. Reassure children that they want to open with you about internet without feeling pressured.

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