This is the Early Signs of Autism in Children



When we know that the baby bears autism , may feel as if the world collapses . However , the world does not actually end . Parents should rise up and confidently care for the baby as well as provide all the support and attention that he needs .

The diagnosis of autism in the early stages of a major effect on the future baby . Because the effects of autism on each child is different . Some children will only experience a slight problem while others face significant difficulties . Whatever is experienced by children , treatment as early as possible will have a positive effect on growth .

Knowing the early signs of autism very important . Parents should pay attention to social interaction , communication , and children’s play habits when they reach the age of 14 , 18 , 24 , 30 , or 36 months . At such an early age , the signs of autism may be a little difficult to identify . To that end , parents must understand properly how the symptoms .

How do the symptoms of children with autism ? These are common signs observed in children with autism:

1 . Never smile
Beware if infants never smiled or responded to the interactions of the parents, especially the mother. Such symptoms should be wary if the baby never smiled until the age of six months or more . If you experience these symptoms , the likelihood of the occurrence of autism will be even greater as you age .

2 . No response to voice
If the baby looks like being in another world , does not respond to sound or activity of a parent , it is very likely to develop autism . Do not ignore the situation and seek medical assistance .

3 . Do not say a word until the age of 16 months
It is normal for toddlers experiencing speech delays . The fix is ??to try to trigger the child to respond to your greeting . But if the child never try to talk and never say a word , then you must perform the examination .

4 . Poor social skills
The toddler years are a time where children begin to learn everything through social interaction . But if the child never developed the ability to interact socially , or children showed abnormal habits , most likely he had autism .

5 . Deviant activity
Toddlers with autism typically show irregularities in their activity . They are not able to follow the parent body posture , can not understand how to play the toys, and do not respond to audio and visual stimuli . The omens are common warning will autism in toddlers .

Always remember the signs of autism in children . Diagnosing and addressing early is the best way to support the development of children with autism . Remember , the world has not ended and the children need support from parents .

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