Things That Not-Be Told Parents in Children

Hal Yang Tak Boleh Dikatakan Orang Tua Pada Anak

When caring for and keeping the baby or child, every parent would want to do the best. But, due to force to do their best, not a few parents who forgot that he had been caring for children with very loud and sometimes make children become stressed, collapsed and even depression.

There are some things that are often said to be a parent to the child when it could easily hurt feelings of the child and make the child self-esteem shattered. Moreover, if some of these things say when children make mistakes.
Here are some things that should never be said to be a parent to the child even if the child made a mistake though. Parents must be very clever to say things and good advice for children to stay confident, feel respected and valued.

  • Father or mother Busy!
    How busy parents, it is advisable to try there and accompany the child. Be sure to never say that parents are busy especially busy expression is accompanied screaming. A child is someone who require more attention from both parents. Although you are very busy, tell the children to wait until your work done and promise to accompany him after all the work is completed. In addition to creating a happy child’s feelings, it also will make it a child patient and wise.

  • Do it Quickly!
    When kids do anything, try to always patiently waiting. Let your child explore the world. If ever you want a child to do something quickly, give advice soft so that it is faster finish the job. A writer of children indicate if telling children to be faster with the soft phrase that could make them become more confident, appreciated and get a sense of the full affection of the parents. Without having snapped at the child, the child will also do what the parents advise him while advice is good.
  • Are you alright?
    Often parents ask the child if he was alright when the child fell. Without having to ask, any parent would know that fall is painful events. For that, try as he dropped his arms and say that you feel what the child. Reassure the child that what happened is something that usually happens. Assure the child she would be fine and make sure that you will always be there for the child.
  • Why You Different From Your brother?
    Not a few parents who often discriminate against their children to each other. Not only that, parents often compare the ability of children with friends or relatives who are smarter, more champions or more tractable. Father and mother, as a parent, it should be for you to accept with good whatsoever and howsoever child’s condition. We need to know, every child has the advantages of each. Even if your child is not smart in one area like other children, he might have other experts in the field that is not owned by another child or even you do not have. Expression of why you are different from a relative or friend will actually make the child feel left out, do not get the same affection and esteem shattered.
  • You Exactly father / mother
    When children make mistakes, this will certainly make every parent feel angry and disappointed. Moreover, if a mistake is made repeatedly. However, be sure not to equate it with the father or mother. Little evils that exist in the elderly and is often used as a mockery, it can lower self-esteem. Not only that, consciously or not, the child could be hate towards his parents.

Those are some things that should not be said to be in children. Besides this, other things that also should not be said to be the child is, stay away from friends, you should stay home and not out of the house so as not naughty, you always make us (father or mother) shame, do whatever as you please !, you always make the wrong decision and many more. So, as parents, make sure to always be careful when taking care and keeping the baby yes. Hopefully this information is useful.

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