Whether the little one this year have started to learn fast? Although not full stride, and more emulate what Mom and Dad, there’s nothing wrong, you know, begin to teach the little one to hold back his emotions. This she steps:

  • Take It to Play
    His name is also the children, of course he was happy to play. Take the Small to play his favorite game. Accompany it while playing so that he will feel comforted and happy.
  • Divert attention
    When the little one began to be provoked, for example, fighting over a toy with relatives or friends, try to divert his attention to something more interesting, such as watching TV, playing music, or taking them to move to another room. Children who are distracted usually quickly forget his anger and cheered.
  • Throw Jokes
    Small children are usually happy to see things that are funny. Mother can, you know, more creative by showing things that provoke laughter, such as wearing a funny hat or a joke like the Small. In essence, make her laugh and forget the sadness or anger.

  • Invite Talk
    With a soft voice and calm, try to create a comfortable atmosphere for the Small. Ask him to tell her frustrations and provide a good solution. Also remind him that in the month of fasting, should not get angry or excessive vent emotions.
  • touch empathy
    When the fasting month, there’s nothing wrong to invite the Small to engage in charitable activities, share food with orphans, or charity. By getting the little one involved in activities that bring goodness, empathy will be moved so that it will be more sensitive to each other.

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