Various Causes Fussy Babies and How to Overcome It

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For those of you who have recently had a baby and be a young mother, of course, is often confused with sudden infant crying or fussy. You will be guessing what happened, whether he was sick, would teething or cold.

Here will inform some of the things that can be the cause and how to resolve them as follows:

1. Fever
Your baby fever when it is the process by which the body’s defense against infection and moderate stop the spread of existing viruses. Your baby can be said of fever if temperature is over 38 ?.

How to care:
even though your baby’s body temperature has dropped should you still bathe the baby with warm water or simply with bubble bath. Put the clothes are comfortable, and make sure your baby will not become dehydrated. For infants aged less than six months, medical care should be provided if the body temperature reaches more than 40 ?. If fever persisted for two days, your baby should immediately get medical care. And for infants younger than 3 months should immediately get medical care when an unknown fever. Continue reading


Tips Overcome Hiccups In Children

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Although not a serious problem, hiccups should be treated so that the little one can enjoy a meal at noon smoothly.

In addition to adults, the little one who is still young is also susceptible to hiccups. The main causes of hiccups usually because the little one swallow food in a hurry. Or it could be because the food intake so much that the esophagus had to work hard to process. Although not a serious problem, hiccups should be treated so that the little one can enjoy a meal at noon smoothly. Here are some simple ways to repel hiccups. Listen yuk!

1. Drinking water
A glass of water will help relieve hiccups experienced by the Small. Results of research conducted at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, explained that the little one must immediately drink shortly after the hiccup at gently to soothe the throat that had seizures.

2. Breathing through the mouth
First of all, take your child to cover his nose with one hand. After that, take a deep breath in through your mouth and hold it for one minute until the hiccups disappeared. If so, exhale slowly. Hold your breath will increase the carbon dioxide and break the cycle of hiccups so little one can come back to bite without interruption. Continue reading