Tips on Choosing the Right Toys For Kids

Tips Memilih Mainan Yang Tepat Bagi Anak

Toy is a friend of your baby. Toys are an important part in the growth and development of your child’s physical and psychological well. But you must also consider any good toy and appropriate for your child. Lots of toy manufacturers who put aside the quality and safety of their products for the sake of profit. For that you should be more careful when buying toys for your baby.

In addition to the standard safe for your child, here are some pointers for you to pick out toys as follows:

1. Age
Chose a toy that fits your child’s age. Manufacturer of quality toys will include information about age on the label toys. Age-appropriate toy baby will help and influence the growth and development of your baby.

2. Durability
Toys are not strong will easily damaged and sometimes can hurt your child’s hand. Choose toys that are strong but still interesting so that your baby will be happy to play it. Continue reading


Association of Infant Massage For Keeping Mom and Baby Love

pijat bayi

In the process of growth and development of infants, not just the food and drink that must be considered, but also need to pay attention to the way you do that your baby can grow properly. One way is to do baby massage, which turned out to have many benefits.

Infant massage is a complementary treatment that utilizes infant massage therapy. The main benefits of infant massage is supportive of growth and development of infants mentally, physically and socially.

That the benefits of massage is to the growth and development of infants. For parents, baby massage is also a fun way to express love and care for her baby. In addition, it can help promote weight loss, digestion, improve blood circulation and reduce pain while teething. Continue reading