Teach Children Can Accept Defeat


It’s okay to teach children compete in a variety of fields. But children should also learn to accept defeat because in later life, he will not necessarily always win. Here are some ways to teach children how to accept defeat:

• Teach empathy. At this age, children begin to be able to imagine themselves in the position of others. This is the basic capital of empathy. If guided, the child will understand, when you are in a winning position, he will feel happy when others are happy for him. Say, feel sad that’s only natural, but it does not need to protracted because there is no point.

• The right question. If you do not have time to watch matches at the match live, accusing the right questions when you meet with the child, for example, “Fun does not match?” Avoid asking questions like, “So who won?” Give talks positive tone, and praise his efforts, what any results he brought back.

• Do not always succumb. often parents deliberately relented when playing with the children. In fact, that children can become ‘experts’ to accept defeat well, he needs experience many times being the loser.

• Enterprises, skills, and have fun. Encourage the child to understand, although titles can boast, there are other things that are also important and can make us happy when following the match. That is, learning trying to get what they want, exercises to hone skills, and having fun! Moreover, when the match was followed in groups, where win or lose borne together.

• Give an example. When you play with the children in the home, such as basketball or monopoly, teach him how to accept victory and defeat by example. When you lose, show happy faces, and give congratulations to the winners. When you win, show that the winners should not brag about himself and denounced those who lose.


Add a Little Appetite

Add a Little Appetite

Seeing the little appetite decreased, it feels sad yes, Ladies? In times of growth, it requires a complete nutrition to grow well. Today voracious eating, it could be tomorrow movement mouth shut. Well, if his appetite does not go back. You can try to apply some effective ways below to baby.

  • Serve Favorite Meal At Breakfast
    Breakfast is a determinant of whether or not fulfilled and nutrition into the body of the child. If your child can have breakfast regularly, then the growth process can also be run optimally. Try to observe, from the menu so that often you serve, which is the most enjoyed with gusto? From there, you can develop the menu again with different variations so that your child can not easily get bored.
  • Always Provide Food in proximity of
    Another way that is effective enough to meet the nutritional intake throughout the day your child is putting food as a snack nearby. Make food creations with forms that funny little guy as a healthy snack. For example, pieces of fresh fruit shaped like animals. Serve every two hours, with a portion a little, so that your child can not easily get bored.
  • Reset Portion Eating Right
    It often makes the little irritated and reluctant to eat, because the meal portions seen so much. According to Judy More, a child nutrition expert and member of the Infant & Toddler Forum in Britain, eating right child could follow several types of these foods.

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Healthy Food For Little In First Year

Healthy Food For Little In First Year

Glad child has stepped on the age of 6 months. This means it has started to be allowed to get his first meal, in addition to breast milk. Support growth, by providing foods that have high nutritional, as shown below.

  • Summer squash
    Besides having a natural sweetness like a baby, yellow squash does not cause allergies and are rich in beta carotene. Sources of vitamin A is necessary for growth, fight infection, and maintain healthy skin and hair. The best way to maintain the nutritional content is to steam. Serve with how polished and adjust the viscosity yes.
  • Spinach
    This green leafy vegetable is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin A, iron, and selenium are good. But because the nitrate content is high enough, wait until the baby reaches the age of 8 months, before giving spinach as food. There are several ways to prepare spinach, ranging from steaming, boiling, until with olive oil. Cook until tender leaves, tender stems, and shrink. Puree and give it to the baby, or mixed with fruit pulp or rice.
  • fruit Berry
    Berries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that maintain immunity. However, these fruits can cause allergic reactions, particularly if previously been diagnosed with a food allergy. To minimize the risk of choking, serve berries in a state of carefully washed, then steamed, or mashed until it reaches the desired consistency.

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Signs Baby Ready Eat addition ASI

Signs Si Baby Ready Eat addition ASI

After giving exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, is now the right time to introduce food to your baby. This is done to support the adequacy of nutrition and optimal growth. But feeding too early can lead to digestive problems, even choking. Consider the signs of the child is ready to eat, as shown below.

  • Grabbing food and Insert to Mouth
    When the baby began to be interested in solid food, he will not shy notify people in the surrounding areas. Starting from reacting with the joy of seeing people eat, reach food on the plate, or grab a fork and spoon, either to play or to put in his mouth. Note this when you play around with the baby yes.
  • Already Can Start Sitting Position
    Most babies will be able to sit down at the age of 3-5 months, but usually still need help to sustain good with his hands, had the support of parents, as well as chairs. But at the age of 6 months, the child has to develop the muscles of the neck, upper body and back muscles to be able to sit without support. It makes it easier when you start eating, because it can eat and swallow food, without the risk of choking easy.

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While accompanying children to the playground, he seemed more silent than other children. If children his age running around, chattering, joking to screaming, the child would choose to sit quietly on a bench. Seeing these facts, do not panic, Mother. Not necessarily problematic toddler in communicating or socializing.

1. Find out why
Finding no children aged 2 years sociable with strangers, then changed drastically becomes quiet at the age of 3 years. This is because children aged 2 to 4 years of entering a new phase of anxiety toward strangers so that they are afraid of a stranger.

2. Encourage the child to interact according to their interests taciturn Children tend to have a unique and powerful interests. Give children the opportunity to undergo his interest. When parents get involved and support, children are happy and confident to socialize with other children. To follow his silence interests, encourage children to get acquainted with what is in the environment. Start first with inanimate objects, plants or animals. If he had refused to move and told me, then encourage him to interact with their peers. Or take the kids to play-which does not require interaction with other people.

3. Keep asking children to talk
Give full understanding in children that being quiet is okay. Explain that he does not have to be like the A or the B talkative. But explained that he could not keep quiet if he wanted to ask something, mengungakapkan feelings (such as sadness or happiness), felt uncomfortable, feeling sick or hurt by other people. Tell that to speak, the mother, father, and others will understand what he wants. Continue reading


Teach Sharing in Children

Mengajari Berbagi pada AnakT

Toys rotation. The concept of playing with an object in turn is easier to understand than the concept of sharing toddler toys. Use a timer and plug in a short time, for example 1-2 minutes. Let toddlers play an object in turn with friends. He will let his play with these objects because he knew that it would come back to him after his playing time was running out.

Play a role. Show your child that wants to share with him getting close friendships and fun. Doctor-medicine. Invite one child to play with her friends. Make a doll as a patient who had to be taken to hospital. Ask your child role as the mother of the patient to give the doll to her friend who plays the doctor to be checked. Once completed, ask a friend to give back to the children’s doll. Car repair shop. When the toy in the form of cars, tell the child if a toy is no damage and had to be taken to the workshop; ask him to give her car to her friend who serves as a mechanic to be fixed. Once completed, ask a friend to give back cars it to your baby.

Play date. Children often had the opportunity to play with peers will learn about the benefits of sharing. Set up a play date, namely activities play together in a place that has been determined. Time not too long. Let the children busy playing with his friends. Watch them from a distance. Continue reading


How to Learn Your Child Effective and Efficient

Cara Belajar Anak Anda Yang Efektif dan Efisien

How to learn effectively and efficiently | to quickly master the subject matter taught by teachers or professors. especially when facing Middle Semester Exam, Final Exam or even National Exam. oh definitely a variety of ways such as cheating will be done in order to get a satisfactory value. teachers often provide motivation for learning for students considering the pattern of education in today’s era of increasingly difficult and complicated. This time there are a few tips on how accurate and effective tips that can be done by the students in learning and should refer to.


Tired of studying alone? Try to learn as a group with friends. Learning group is also one of learning is good and effective. By learning group learning activities will be a lot of fun because there are friends. Study group should invite friends who are good and study hard to be motivated and smart catch.

2. diligent MAKE NOTES
Each chapter lesson must always be important parts. Well, the important part of this should be made a note in a separate book. One good way to learn is to encapsulate the material and the material in lessons is also very useful when facing exams.

What is important here is the quality of its teaching. Although only 1-2 hours a day but if done every day would be better than learning in a very long time if there are tests and examination alone. Continue reading


How To Understand Child Autism

Cara Memasuki dan Memahami Dunia Autisme Anak

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and weight. There will be many problems and obstacles that parents face while raising and educating children. One of the things that are currently facing many parents are caring for children with autism.

Having a child with autism is indeed a big challenge for any parent due to the different treatment for children with autism. There are so many things you can do as parents of autistic children to understand the world, such as the following :

  • Follow what they like
    Every child has likes and dislikes about something. If the child has its own interest in the art of drawing, for example, try to surprise them give a book or paint a picture so that they are happy. Support what they do as long as it is positive.
  • Keep what makes them afraid
    If your child is afraid of the dark or fear of certain animals, as far as possible keep their fears. Make their room a bright and inviting not fear. It would make more calm autistic children.

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Tips for Overcoming Child At School First Sign

Tips Mengatasi Anak Saat Pertama Kali Masuk Sekolah

School is one of the important activities that are required and possessed by a child. At school, children can learn about new friends, new environment and gain new knowledge. Given the importance of school, since a very early age children need to be introduced to schools.

When he first entered school, not infrequently the children will feel fear, anxiety and worry. And because of this fear, there are also children who cry and fuss and asked her to accompany him in class. To avoid this kind of thing on your baby, as a parent you really need to anticipate this.

This time, it will give you some tips to overcome the fear of a child when he first entered school. The following tips and be sure to listen well ya :

  • Tell In Children Around School
    Try and make sure to tell the school about the pleasant life to the baby. With whom he had a conversation about school. When your child already knows picture of the school, slowly he will understand about school life and he was not too scared to go to school first.

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