Easy Tips to Improve Intelligence Baby

Tips Mudah Meningkatkan Kecerdasan Bayi

Newborns have 100 billion neurons in the brain and in his first year neurons will become active and connected to each other. So that the neurons can be activated and your baby grow up with a smart brain, Mother should continue to sharpen.

Here are some tips to hone the intelligence of the baby’s brain :

  • Make bedtime and eating fun
    If the baby keeps crying or fussy while eating or sleeping, then it can foster negative patterns in your baby’s brain development. Therefore, as much as possible make bedtime and eating to be a pleasant and free from contention. Mother could tell stories before sleep or play while eating.

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Some Things You Need to Look for in a child Emotional Development

kids emosi anak

Emotional development in children also is still closely related to what we have to learn about the development of children aged 2-6 years overall and emotional development in children is also one of the important points that we need to pay close attention. This is because a lot of people, especially the elderly, usually only paid great attention to what is apparent in the physical development of the child that the child because the child’s physical development can be measured and monitored directly without having to search deeper in the child’s self.

Here are some things you need to consider carefully if you want to really learn about the emotional development in children because of course this will be very much harder than when you observe the physical development of children who clearly visible. Emotional development of children themselves are very closely tied to the development of other important aspects such as motor development and cognitive development of children.

There are several things including the emotional aspects of brain development. The best stimulation for the development of this aspect is the interaction between the mother and the little one. Interaction can be equipped with several games that optimize the development of children, such as eye contact and smile.

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