Antibiotic Dangers for Children

Bahaya Antibiotik Bagi Anak

Nowadays, children are prone to infections and often suffer. Usually parents think antibiotics will provide treatment faster than any other drug. But in reality the infection can be caused by viruses or bacteria, while antibiotics only for bacterial infections.

Here are some of the harmful effects of antibiotics on children’s health as follows :

  • Overdose
    If your child’s doctor to prescribe antibiotics, be careful not to exceed the recommended dose by it. Most packages of antibiotics has its own size. It is better to use a measuring spoon instead. Overdose will cause serious health problems.
  • Drug resistance
    Each antibiotic has a rule wear a few days. The doctor will prescribe a special and you have to follow it properly. If it is 5 days, given for 5 days do not stop before 5 days even if your child is better. If you stop before the specified time will cause the formation of resistant bacteria thus the need for more powerful antibiotics to the next.

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