Naturally, if a child at this age often feel scared and crying when taken to the dentist. Not only the first visit, when I had been to the dentist for a second time is still often make a child afraid. Help children to not fear to the dentist, with some of the following ways:

  • Wake Positive Image
    Embed the understanding that the dentist aims to make healthy teeth. Do not take the child when your dentist, because it can appear a false perception, especially if the place of practice and care that you do creepy.
  • Unknown, unloved
    One way to introduce your teeth and tell the children about the importance of dental care was through the game of teeth. This game invites kids to save the main character from the spell of an evil witch tooth decay. Children are also invited to brush twice a day for two minutes, to kill bacteria and opened the kingdom locked maps curse.
  • Being Ordinary
    Before leaving for the dentist, try to be plain and simple as possible for the preparation. If the mother seems too busy preparing, the child will be upset and a lot of questions.

  • Role Playing
    Encourage children to play the role of ‘dentist’, for example, you as a dentist and the child as a patient. So that the teeth remain healthy and not perforated, should be regularly checked to the dentist.
  • Dentist Children
    Pediatric dentist has a standard of care that have been adapted to the character and needs of children. All elements in a pediatric dentist clinic, ranging from doctors, nurses, aroma room, medical devices, as well as room decor, designed specifically to toddlers comfortable. Medical personnel have also been trained to handle children when dental care. Quite often, doctors and nurses there willingly acting funny so that children do not cry anymore.

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