Staying Healthy children in Rainy Season

kesehatan anak saat hujan

The bacteria will thrive and often very easy to damage the immune system on the body especially on your child in the rainy season. Various kinds of virus will be very easy to immobilize antibodies the body’s defenses not only in adults but also in children, especially infants. Subscription disease that often greets the rainy season is colds, flu and coughs. Given the spread of the influenza virus is so easy, the parents would have to be very clever to maintain her health and her baby instead.

Then how to stay healthy babies in the rainy season? As follows you need to know to maintain the health of your baby in the rainy season :

  • Body hygiene
    Cleanliness is the key things you need to consider as a parent in order to keep yourself and your baby to be healthy and immune to the virus. Make sure your child a bath at least once a day. After the bath, immediately wipe your child’s body with a dry towel to dry water attached to his body.
  • Food and Drink
    Limit foods and beverages provide your child with food purchased from outside. Be sure not to buy street food for your or your child in the rainy season. Not infrequently the street food in the rainy season is more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria that can invade the body.

  • Water intake
    Adequate water intake is important to note during the rainy season. Consumption of boiled water until boiling point maximum in order to get healthy water. If you go out of the house, avoid carrying bottles of liquor when it rains because it could be later this water is polluted by rainwater.
  • Washing Hands
    Before feeding the baby, eat or drink be sure to always wash your hands. Wash hands at least minimize the possibility of viruses and bacteria get into your body and your baby.
  • Prevent Flies
    Flies are often disturb animals in the rainy season and the population will also increase. In order for the baby to stay healthy, keep all food, beverages and furniture around your neighborhood or from the flies. Repel flies can be done by always maintaining cleanliness.
  • Vitamin D From Sunlight
    In order for your child to be healthy, try to provide enough sunlight in the morning for him. Encourage your child to walk on the porch or in the garden when the morning sun revealed itself. But remember, take your child out of the house when the weather is friendly. Do not bring your baby out of the house when it rains or the weather is not allowing the baby is outside the house.
  • Nail
    Your child also needs a manicure. Habits of your child is entering all items nearby into the mouth including fingernails. In order for your child healthy in the rainy season, be sure to always maintain the cleanliness of your child’s fingernails.
  • Use Netting
    It is necessary to use mosquito nets during the rainy season. Mosquito nets will protect your child from mosquito bites cause malaria or dengue fever. Mosquito nets also protect your child during sleep of all insects.
  • Clothing
    In the rainy season, try to always give your warm clothes to children. Put the clothes full of gloves, socks, hats and long-sleeved shirts to avoid the cold rainy season directly piercing your small child’s body.

Fairly easy to always maintain the health of your child. Always make sure a healthy lifestyle and are on a healthy environment for the sake of getting children stay healthy in the rainy season. Hope it is useful

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