Some Tips to calm the Hyperactive child


Hyperactive Children tend to be constantly on the move. They can not sit still for long periods of time. This condition can be frustrating parents, teachers, and even the children themselves.

Sometimes hyperactive children need to be given medication to help them to be more calm to the energy level that is socially acceptable.

For those who do not want to use drugs or supplements, here are a natural way both physically and psychologically to handle the excess energy and calms hyperactive children:

1. Help hyperactive child when the child wants to take a deep breath to calm down, especially if the child feels angry or frustrated. Encourage the child to take a deep breath, inhale through the nose and mouth slowly waste.

2 Remove the stress in hyperactive children by letting kids bubble bath or warm salt water bath. Add one or two simple toys into the tub, but avoid giving children too many toys.

3 Give the physical stimulation in hyperactive children by giving him a gentle massage. Warm touch of you will make the child know that you love him, other than that, the movement of massage has a calming effect.

4 Place the equipment activity or toy that can keep a child quiet. Equipment activity or quiet toys such as puzzles, paint, appliances to make jewelry, and favorite books. Put it near the other toys, so children can use it when he wants a quiet moment.

5. Set the ambience of the room to keep the lighting dim or relaxation music tune when hyperactive children need peace.

6. Do routine daily activities, so that hyperactive children know what they expect and what is expected of them. Prepare children when going to unusual activity and explain what will happen.
In addition, they discuss also how to remain calm even with joy that they experience may be different from those activities.

7 Do not expose the child from cold drinks, sugar, food coloring, and preservatives in food can cause agitation.

8 Take time to accommodate the extra energy, such as running around and exercising.

It will help hyperactive children know that there is a time and place to release excess energy, thus helping the child to remain calm in other situations.

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