Some tips for parents that their children become smart kid



Intelligence of children is influenced by environmental factors and parenting from parents . How does a child interact , how he socialize , how he learned to analyze , how he learned to make decisions , and much more . Here I present some tips for parents to children to be intelligent :

1 . Exempt children explore the environment . Environment becomes widespread means for children to learn about a variety of things . Exploratory in nature sparked active children move also increases the curiosity of children to various aspects of life . Encourage the children to explore the new environment as he knew, for example along the river , he learned about the properties of water that flows from high places to low places .

2 . Follow children’s interests . To explore the tremendous potential within the child , give full support on areas like children , if necessary, come to practice and become friends practicing fun for him .

3 . Tell the knowledge of the world and its contents . Give children the facilities and the opportunity to get to know the world and all aspects of life . It makes the child an open mind on various things ‘ new ‘ with the development of science .

4 . Read a variety of books of knowledge on a regular basis with a loud voice and intonation correct . In addition to foster interest in reading the child , the child would also absorb the knowledge from the book to support his interest . Also inculcate the habit of reading a book bond between you and your child .
Be a good model. Children will imitate their parents . Hence , parents must be role models or best role model for the children in all aspects of daily life .

5 . Always show your interest to learn and discover new things exciting and creative with the children. Show and apply a healthy lifestyle . Also show respect and empathy for each member of the family , other people , and other living things .

6 . Frequently asked the child . Ask a few questions to the child who would lure him to give an answer in the form of an explanation that also stimulate his arguments . Or invite him to discuss . You can start by asking in detail about the things that interest you or that he was doing . Furthermore , to explore the answers and develop the child’s opinion on various things .

7 . Give a chance take the decision . Get children to take the decision to train the child to learn the causal and responsibility . Train the child to make decisions will also trigger the child to learn to think analytically with assembling the things that have been studied and understood .

8 . Increase opportunities to socialize . All children experience emotional obtained will affect the formation of the network among nerve cells in the brain . Children need the opportunity to socialize as wide as possible as it will enrich the child’s emotional experience , as well as a means to learn to express his feelings . The better the child’s emotional intelligence , the better the delivery of excitatory between nerve cells in the brain .

9 . Inadequate nutritional needs . Nutrition for the brain , especially DHA , proven to play a role in brain development of children in the ” golden period ” . Give the type of food group consumption of brain food , such food sources of protein , to improve the ability to concentrate , thinking and alertness .

10 . Maintain the health of children . Sports or physical exercise not only keeps the body healthy children , but also make him smart ! Therefore , in addition to the circulation of oxygen , sugars and nutrients throughout the body to be smooth and the brain , will also trigger the production of the hormone to nerve cells ( nerve growth factor ) . With a healthy body , children have opportunities to learn a variety of things , as well as exploring the potential of intelligence in him optimally .
Hopefully the above information can be useful to you in educating children .

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