Some things you should not say to children

mom & son

mom & son

Mean heart want to educate children to be more disciplined , stronger and be nice in public but why the result always failed . Actually, the words you choose that affect children for disobeying you or just ignore .

1 . ” Do not cry ”
Another variation of the phrase : ” Do not be sad . ” ” Do not be a crybaby. ” ” Do not be afraid . ” But toddlers when angry , scared , upset even crying . They can not always articulate their feelings with words . ” It is very natural for parents to protect children from feeling like it , ” says Debbie Glasser , Ph.D. , director , Family Support Services at the Mailman Segal Institute for Early Childhood Studies , Nova Southeastern University , Fort Lauderdale , USA . ” But saying do not make the child feel better , and can also send a message that something is forbidden emotions . ”

Instead you can say , “You’re sad not to play by Andy ? ” or “You’re angry toys seized ? ” By naming feelings , your child will learn to give him the words to express himself . Once unwittingly created to teach empathy . In the end , he will cry less and describe his emotions instead.

2 . ” an example of your brother / sister ”
May seem helpful if your child can see a real example of a sibling or friend . ” Rara well smart , can use their own shoes . ” Children thrive with its own phase . Comparing your child to someone else implies that you do not want it and ruin his confidence . Instead, encourage her current achievements : ” Wow , you wash your hands before eating without asking mama , great ! ” Remember to compare with his brother will only lead to resentment and envy burn . Do not be surprised if you actually made ??dizzy with their quarrel every day .

3 . ” Stop or pinch mama ! ”
In disciplining children , the threat was rarely effective . You threatened with warnings such as ” Let’s dare to repeat again , Mama o’clock ! ” Sooner or later the child will learn that the threat it never happened . Eventually you lose power threat . Worse still it makes you more frustrated , ended up hitting . Would be more effective if it did transfer . How to take a child away from the situation .

For example , he raged at the toy store because not follow his will . Instead of reacting with a yell , threaten , bulging , just take action to hold your child out of the store , take it to another place , do time out after a quiet give meaning . This method proved to be more effective .

4 . ” Wait till Dad comes home ! ”
This type of parenting is another kind of threat types . As well as threatening , this method is not effective . If you want your message to the child , the discipline must be done immediately, not later. When your child is acting up , does not behave well , give immediate consequences. Pending disciplinary action does not teach any consequences in children . Most likely happened when the father came home, your child has forgotten the earlier incident . Another bad result , if you do this often , you will lose the authority in the eyes of your child .

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