Some suggestions in buying baby gear



Babies need a lot of equipment . Before the birth of the baby , parents must have the Baby prepare well . Some of the supplies required by infants are described below :

a. clothing
Buy baby clothes soft cotton with a comfortable size and the model used . Some types of clothing to be prepared is everyday wear , sleepwear , sweaters , blankets , gloves , socks / shoes soft , soft hats , and footwear for breastfeeding ( if needed ) .

b . diapers
Buy diapers from soft cotton and easy to absorb water , with a ligature . If you want to use disposable diapers , buy a high absorbance to avoid inundation by water skin art . Waterlogged skin art will be urticaria ( hives ) and easily scratched .

c . toiletry
Here are some baby items that must be provided
* Soap soft / special liquid for bathing .
* Cotton wet stored in special containers or wet wipes to clean the ass .
* Towels are soft .
* Baby tub .
* Two plastic bucket ( with a lid ) to store one diaper droppings ( urine ) and another for storing dirty clothes and towels .
* Small bins for storing cotton / dirty Kleenex .
* Comb soft .
* Cutting baby nails

d . material
Soft and comfortable . This is the main thing to consider when choosing children’s clothing . To meet these criteria , clothes from a towel and socks are flexible and elastic could be an option . At the age of 9, 12 years, children usually begin to crawl and even walk . At this age , your baby can almost never still, always moving to and fro to meet great curiosity . As a consequence , quickly wore dirty clothes , more often washed and ironed . Therefore , infant clothing should also be robust , easy to absorb sweat , and easy in maintenance .

e . model
Babies usually do not like it when his face is obstructed or closed when changing clothes . For that , choose one that can be opened in the front or wide-necked . With clothes like these , you do not need to turn the baby when smoothed . Make sure the clothes also have an opening at the bottom of the hole in between the legs so that practical use .

With increasing age , children dress models usually also more diverse , especially for girls fashion models . But whatever the model , make sure the attention to the child’s clothing . For example , a little loose so your child move freely and easily wear and open it .

f . Color and Pattern
Looking at the nature of babies can not keep quiet , suitable clothing worn is a brightly colored , such as orange , yellow and red . This color gives the impression of cheerful and happy . While the size of his body is still small , suitable clothing range is small patterned . Such as flowers , balls , funny animals , lines or boxes .

Hopefully the above information can be useful to you .

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