Some factors contributing to difficult children learn



By the time children begin to not be able to follow the lessons in the school , we as parents start to think that our children are lazy , and thus knowing it or without us knowing it began admonishing the children, and eventually enlist the help of the tutor , without knowing what cause our children to experience difficulty learning , while the child’s laziness is just one of them.
There are several reasons why a child feels so difficult to learn are:

1 . The first factor is usually about intelligence , and we as parents should be able to assess the ability of the child to the right , if we see a child have attempted to study diligently , but the result is still less than the maximum
means it is possible to learn school demands exceed the capacity of the child ‘s brain . So never force it , this will make a child feel depressed ,

2 . Sometimes children are so difficult to follow lessons presented by teachers in the school , as it may not fit the pattern and learn how the children themselves . ( this is concerning about the new kid in school ,
especially kindergarten children ) sometimes children learn in different ways , there are sometimes inclined to think abstractly, but there is also a think concrete , sequential learning sometimes , but sometimes also studied at random, a teacher can not always convey and explain the subject matter is suitable for each of their students , therefore we as parents is very important to recognize how to learn and mindset of the child , and us parents trying to find a way , how to explain what the child has learned at school , and when once we explain the child’s understand patterns of teaching in school means less fit and we had to return home to help provide explanations .

3 . a child experiencing learning difficulties may have an interest limited to just one or two subjects only, which in fact if we make the average child should be able to control around 10 lesson , and our job as parents is to help the child to be able to absorb more students , and do not force a child to get a high value , because in the end he developed the field of child studies at higher education level .

4 . There are also some children who experience difficult study for a personal reason , which is sometimes associated with the teacher , it could be because he does not like the teacher never ridiculed or humiliated , thus making the child can not learn to foster interest in the field , which in turn makes the value of the lesson sank sharply , returning us as parents to help children to separate between the teacher and what it teaches .

5 . There is also a child will experience difficulties in learning due to his hostile treatment , to make it difficult to concentrate , and make feel scared to go out to give his school and how to cope with the unfriendly friends , of course in this case we adjust the mindset of the child .

6 . and this is one issue that can make a child difficult to learn , namely , the existence of problems in the family , especially the household problem to two parents , so parents do not problem is the problem of the child , so stay away from or avoid quarrels in front of the child .

7 . play , this could also be the cause of difficulties in learning because children think children usually play a lot more fun than learning , and the availability of the toys at home or outside the home is too difficult to avoid the child , which in turn makes the child more excited to play in compare learning , and we as parents are responsible to keep the child and limit the playing time but it does not mean that forbid the children to play , because the play is one way for the child to refresh the mind and soul .

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