Signs Baby Ready Eat addition ASI

Signs Si Baby Ready Eat addition ASI

After giving exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, is now the right time to introduce food to your baby. This is done to support the adequacy of nutrition and optimal growth. But feeding too early can lead to digestive problems, even choking. Consider the signs of the child is ready to eat, as shown below.

  • Grabbing food and Insert to Mouth
    When the baby began to be interested in solid food, he will not shy notify people in the surrounding areas. Starting from reacting with the joy of seeing people eat, reach food on the plate, or grab a fork and spoon, either to play or to put in his mouth. Note this when you play around with the baby yes.
  • Already Can Start Sitting Position
    Most babies will be able to sit down at the age of 3-5 months, but usually still need help to sustain good with his hands, had the support of parents, as well as chairs. But at the age of 6 months, the child has to develop the muscles of the neck, upper body and back muscles to be able to sit without support. It makes it easier when you start eating, because it can eat and swallow food, without the risk of choking easy.

  • Can Swallowing Food
    Not having to wait for teething to start giving food to your baby. Usually babies who have lost the reflex of the tongue push solids out of the mouth, can be said to be preparing a meal. Note also the attitude of the baby who started biting stuff around them and mimic the way people around chewing food.

Seeing the little one ready meal has become an unforgettable moment yes. No need to worry on the food that will contaminate the mouth and skin.So secure contact with the baby’s mouth, food, and eating-drinking supplies. Always give your best to your baby yeah!

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