Recognize Bottlemouth Syndrome

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While still an infant and toddler, hygiene and dental health must be maintained. Infants and toddlers should be given your knowledge of how to care for your teeth early. Take care of your babies and toddlers from baby bottle syndrome. Baby bottle syndrome or in English bottlemouth syndrome is a term used to describe the condition of severe damage to almost all children have teeth baby or toddler. The syndrome is so painful to the baby would cry endlessly in long duration.

Bottlemouth This syndrome occurs due to overuse baby pacifier or consume milk sweet taste rich in sugar and other dairy products using a bottle that persist in the mouth from morning till night.

They are also generally more exposed to fructose in sugar from juices and other beverages like consumed while watching tv or when it is cool to play. Regional teeth are usually severely damaged front upper jaw and milk teeth. If this condition is left alone, the baby will be tortured and process damage the article will be widened to all the teeth.

This is dangerous because the impact berkepanjangannya will make the baby slumped. Impacts such as the death of the dental pulp tissue, tissue abnormalities at the end of the tooth root and tooth decay remain at the bottom.

The third effect will make your baby or toddler is difficult to consume food and drink properly because her mouth felt uncomfortable. He could refuse to drink or eat to avoid pain, but this will only affect overall health. The best solution is to perform oral surgery.

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