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Talking about the prickly heat, of course this is very disturbing and make babies uncomfortable atmosphere. Prickly heat itself is a skin disease that is most common in infants and children. There are many things that cause heat rash on the body of an infant or child. And the main causes of prickly heat is a blockage of the pores of the body because the air is too hot, too humid skin condition that is not clean.

Red spots and rough white patches are common features of prickly heat. Prickly heat is common not only on the forehead or face, but also often occur on the hands, neck, back and chest your child.

Prickly heat is already severe, may lead to more serious skin problems. Before prickly become more serious skin problems, parents need to ensure that the prickly resolved properly.

Here’s how to easily overcome the prickly heat :

  • Use Natural Medicine
    Natural remedy to address the child’s prickly heat you can make yourself at home. Quite easy. Mix tablespoons tapioca flour with a little water and rub on the skin of children who have prickly heat. Tapioca starch has properties cools the skin, so do not be surprised if he could be a natural cure prickly heat.
  • Oil
    Besides being able to warm the body and skin, oils also have medicinal benefits as prickly heat. Apply the oil evenly to the skin infants with prickly heat. Wait for some time and let the prickly heat resolves itself.
  • Note Leisure Wear Your Children
    Give clothes that are comfortable, easy to absorb sweat, loose and cool for your baby’s body. Be sure to give your baby comfortable clothing. Change your baby’s clothes and diapers at least 2 times a day. Make sure that the clothes for your baby clean and free from germs and viruses cause prickly heat. Give clothes that are not too tight or too loose clothing.
  • Consider the Air Circulation
    Make sure the air in your home get good air circulation to avoid hot or humid. When the hot air, given the fan or turn on the air conditioner so that the baby’s body remains fresh. Conversely, if the air is cold, make sure that your baby in a warm state.

Those are some easy tips to overcome your child’s prickly heat. So there are no prickly heat, make sure that your baby always in a clean state. Bathe at least twice a day morning and afternoon. If prickly heat is not immediately recovered, consult your baby to the doctor or the nearest hospital and ask for a prescription from him.

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