Overcome Potent Herbal Cough In Children

obat herbal batuk untuk anak

Cough is a disease that could certainly never be experienced by everyone in the world. If adults only felt very miserable when suffering from a cough or flu, for children especially infants, the cough can certainly also be very excruciating.

Cough in adults or children themselves often caused by allergies. Given the current quite dangerous chemical drugs, the best thing that needs to be done by parents to treat it is a natural way. In addition to safe, natural medicine has other benefits for the body when it is used as a cough medicine.

One of the potent natural remedy to overcome cough in children is honey and lemon. Here’s how to make cough medicine with honey and lemon. Listen carefully ya :

1. 1 tsp honey
2. 1 tsp lemon juice

How to Make and Applications
Combine both ingredients into the warm water of approximately 5 tablespoons. Stir all ingredients until well blended. If you have, give it to your baby who is experiencing cough. Give this drug at least three times a day morning, noon and night. When you give this drug to the baby regularly for 3 days, then cough in baby will be reduced.

Some studies mention that the drug is powerful to overcome cough in children. Not only on your child, it is also a powerful natural remedy to cure cough in adults. Lemon contains vitamin C which is excellent in enhancing the immune system and fight against all forms of viruses that cause flu and cough. While honey contains a variety of nutrients are also vitamins that will kill infection, throat and other good effects on the body.

So that your child can cough persists, you can try these tips. In addition to honey and lemon, natural cough medicine for your child can also turmeric, massage oils and moisture.

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