Overcome Burn In Children

Atasi Luka Bakar Pada Anak

The mother would agree if a healthy child is an active child. This is natural because they did not yet know what is good or bad, which ones are safe and which are dangerous.

One of the cases that are often experienced by children playing with fire until exposed to burns. As a precaution you should peek tips to deal with burns as follows.

Before knowing step by stepnya, let’s suppose find out about burns. Burns appears to have three types depending on severity:

  • Level 1 usually causes redness and minor swelling on the skin.
  • Level 2 is characterized by blisters and swelling.
  • Level 3 is characterized by peeling skin to white.

Before you take action on your child, it helps to know the type of burns that hit the child.

If an incident occurs burns, try the following countermeasures:

  • Quickly flush the burn with cold water. The longer the better. Do not use ice because it will slow down the recovery. Do not also rubbed because it will make it blister.
  • Immediately flush burned cloth with water and remove. If the cloth sticks to the wound, do not be withdrawn but cut out as much as you can reach without offending wound.
  • Cover the wound with sterile gauze or a clean dry towel and immediately make an ointment for burns.
  • Do not apply butter, oil, or powder burns because it will aggravate the injury.
  • After performing first aid on the child, then wait for the reaction of the wound Ladies. If the wound does not improve immediately take the child to the doctor.
  • This also applies to a fairly serious burns. Immediately take your child to the doctor. Keep in mind that this is the first treatment to reduce complications of the burns. It would be better if you consult a doctor who does know and understand.

Thus information about Overcome Burn In Children, may be useful to you.

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