Nutrition Milk Your Child

Nutrisi Susu Anak Anda

Cooking vegetables definitely not a stranger to my mother, because this activity as has become habit or routine every day. There are various ways of cooking vegetables, such as grilling, steaming, high pressure / presto, sauteing, cooking without water, and boil. Of course I know that when a vegetable is cooked FIRST TIME, then the result looks fresh, tasty, and also contains nutrients intact. But what happens when the vegetables are repeatedly reheated? Vegetables will appear withered, unappetizing, and reduced nutrient. The more frequently heated, the more nutrients are lost. Mothers choose which ones? Vegetables with repeated heating, or only once cooked?

Mother certainly all agree that something natural without heating process would be better for the body, because the nutritional quality will be maintained, so it is more easily absorbed. If vegetables are good is a natural vegetable that is not often heated, how to milk to Little? It turns out the same. The less the process of heating the milk will be more good for the body.

Mothers need to know that any growth must be qualified dairy products and meet international safety standards, including standards of nutritional content. But not much to discuss milk quality aspects of the growth of the production process. Single engineering process or a heating process is able to maintain the integrity of the natural nutrition of milk, making it more easily digested and absorbed by Little.

With a single process, fresh milk from the farm directly taken to the mill to be processed by pasteurization, then added vitamins and fat. Milk was processed with certain techniques to change from liquid to powder. Then, powdered milk is packaged as an end product and ready for the market.

The main objective is to prevent the single heating process that can repeatedly change the structure of the protein into glycation, and can affect not good for the digestive health of children. Protein glycation experiencing will be more difficult to digest and can lead to digestive problems in the Small. This protein will carry over to the large intestine, increasing the risk of bacterial growth is not good and also the problem of the small intestine.

With only one heating process, the milk powder produced has a more optimal quality with the nutrients more easily digested and absorbed by the digestive system Little. So make sure that mother’s milk given to Little milk dengansingle process, the heating process once and have the intact proteins are more easily absorbed by the body. Is Mother’s milk is chosen for Little is milk with a single process?

Let KenaliLebihDalam the manufacturing process and the quality of food intake consumed little one, and things that are around her. By doing so, the little one getting quality nutrition, can grow optimally, strong from within, and can learn many new things.

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