Negative Effects Too often snapped Children


Every parent almost certainly never upset at her son and takes it with a growl. But apparently this has a negative impact on your child.

According to the study, three out of four parents never yell or shout at their children at least once a month. Child snapped an option because they think it is still far better than physical punishment. Currently therapists and experts were trying to examine the psychological impact on children, as well as preventing the parents do not do it repeatedly. Moreover, until the child becomes psychologically shaken.

Raise the sound is not always bad. However, it is becoming worse when done to attack, belittle, or blame the child. Adele Faber, a co-author of the book How to Be the Parent You Always Wanted to Be exemplifies sentences should not be pronounced like, “It’s all your fault!” And other words that can weaken a child’s mental.

If a teenager who grew up with parents yelling turns tend to have behavior problems and symptoms of depression. This study included 976 adolescents from middle class families and their parents.

In addition, often snapped child can cause the child does not feel satisfied and comfortable in your love life when they are adults. Parents are often yell at their children will also lose the opportunity to teach their children how to regulate emotions.

Many parents lose control of emotions because they take seriously the child’s mischief is done. If you are still often yell children, teach yourself to calm the emotions. You can use other ways to discipline children without having to yell. But you can tell by subtly without snapped. Be a parent who can provide a good example for children.

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