More Fun Playing in Groups

Playing in Groups

Playing in Groups

Recommend and train a toddler to do group activities . More fun to play in groups of at playing alone , playing in groups can train social skills . Let us know how the coaching:

1 . Trains for children to be independent.
This activity is for children who are reluctant to tackle the main group because he felt he was not yet self -confidence and escape from your side. How to train, do not always help the child perform tasks. Children aged 3-4 years actually been able to wear shoes, grab a drink, eat, or pee themselves. When a child has been independently perform simple activities, increase the difficulty of the task, for example, by doing the work themselves cubits, or pedaling a tricycle without help . When he was adept at doing something on his own, his confidence grew. He became more readily liberated from your arms and join his friends.

2 . Often encourage children to play and chat.
Many are involved in the life of a toddler. Often invited to play and chat , of great significance for children who feel insecure. Insecure generally have an impact on the child is not comfortable when socializing with peers. The ability of children to respond to your question, a provision is sufficient for him to talk with his friends. So that toddlers also learn how to talk or greet others.

3 . Exercises to meet other people.
Some children dare to play with friends, just as his parents were nearby. But when his parents were out of sight, he immediately pulled away and opted parent. Whereas in group play, children have to deal with their friends without the presence of the mother. Try to train the child to take him to meet other people without your presence, for example by entrusting the child to relatives or neighbors who have small children, for 1-2 hours . Choose a figure that is quite close to the child. In this way, children learn off of you and follow the rules that apply in the new environment.

4 . Teach cooperation game.
After introduce and familiarize the child with the life of the new group, ask him to learn how to play in groups. The most important thing in the play group is cooperation and mutual help. Teach it the science of team work through games that require cooperation, such as playing lego or blocks. Game lego or blocks teach children to discuss what plan of the building to be constructed, how to build and share the work. For the first phase, present friend who is familiar with the child.

5 . Increase the potential to play in groups.
When a child is good at playing some group games, he certainly confident when you had to join a different group play. It ‘s the same as adults, when we are already proficient in a field, we are not afraid to meet people who also mastered the field. Increase the potential of children in group play, the more types of team games under their control, the more confident he plays the game with anyone.

6 . Give it time to observe.
If the above ways you ‘ve traveled, but the child remained confident when meeting his friends, you do not be careful and do not force the child should also join. Give him a chance to observe what is in front of him. That’s because, the child may need to recognize the expression of the other children as they play. Each child has a different process when recognizing the environment. Arriving home, try to get him to talk about what he saw just now. The hope, in order to inculcate the spirit of tomorrow’s children want to play with her ??friends.

7 . Ask other children to invite first.
Other ingenious way is ask one of the children’s friends to come over to your child and ask him to join in the play group. This method is usually successful mollify children to play together because when invited peers, the child was expected and considered there by his friends.

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