Magic Tricks Make Children Joy of Reading

reading books

reading books

Books are the windows to the world, familiarize your child to love reading early on because it can greatly assist the mental development and learning. Unfortunately, not all children can be easily liked reading. You as a parent must take the role as the first to introduce and encourage your child to love reading. You can follow the following magic trick that can make your child love reading in an instant.

1 . Give “Gold Star”
Children are most like to be rewarded or reward. Rewards for any child who wants to read can vary. If your child will be motivated if given a medal in the form of paper cutouts shaped and colored like a gold star, you could give your child every time managed to read a few pages a day. With a certain number of stars, you can promise a bigger prize.

2 . Much Can Show That Reads
When you hear the word read, the children will usually imagine that reading is a silent activity with a book in hand. Show and tell that it’s a very broad reading. When searching for information on the Internet, it also includes reading. When he saw the writing on the shop or supermarket, it is also a reading activity.

3 . Fulfill Home with Books
The house is filled with many books will keep your child interested in reading. Additionally, you may be able to create a special place for the books most preferred or desirable your child. For example, if your child really like dinosaurs, you can pick out a number of books related to dinosaurs. When the child began stimulated his curiosity, he will naturally want to read.

4 . Reading Together with Loud Sound
Children are accomplished imitators. They will be readers if their parents are also readers. As a parent, you also have to show high interest in readiIng. In addition, set aside time to read together aloud. Reading with a loud voice will make your child repeat your words and practice their pronunciation skills.

5 . Variations Place to Read
Reading should not be in the same room every day. You can encourage your child to read outdoors or outside the home in order to always have a new spirit when reading. Maybe you want to try to read while enjoying the scenery on the hill along with your child.

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