Little Fail on First Day of School? This How To Face


The first day of school has passed today. Some children succeed through without tears, and ready to face tomorrow with passion. However, some other children, through today with tears, fear and sadness were outstanding, as well as the parents.Mom, at the age of school-age early levels, it is something natural. Usually children spend most of his time at home or with their parents. But upon entering the school level, a sense of comfort and security that seemed drawn from them. As a result came the fear and excessive concern, feel abandoned her mother and father while at school.

As parents, there is certainly a sense of not bear to see bawl saw you leave the school gates. What to do ya? Who must be a parent is to remain at the establishment to abandon the child. Children need time to get used to for about 2 weeks until they finally understand that since that day, the school is one of the things they need to do their own without a father and mother.

Then, how to train children to be ready to be left alone at school?

  • Say Goodbye With Cheers
    Make this separation becomes a natural thing. Therefore, do not install a sad facial expression. Instead, smile when saying goodbye.
  • Focus On Fun Activity
    Rather than discussing about the breakup, many are talking with your child about the fun things you can do when you are not with him. You can distract him by asking him to draw or beams of the game after school. In this way, the child will understand that it’s OK to have fun without you.

  • Giving Pain Comfortable Even Without Your Presence
    You can give a sense of comfort as to put a bracelet as a marker as you are always with him. Or to make school lunch ritual itself with funny shapes for your child to always feel your presence at his side.

The little one has entered a new phase in his life. Probably not as easy and as ideal as imagined. But remember, Mom, this is just a phase that must be passed in order to evolve into a complete human being. How to experience the first day of school today, Mom?

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