Lessons Learned from Cooking With Children

Pelajaran Berharga dari Memasak Bersama Anak

Talk about cooking, how often do you involve children (who are old enough of course) to cook with you? I’m sure some of you like with the involvement of children, and some did not like for reasons of safety. It is true, if you cook it yourself, without the kids, it will be faster, cleaner, and safer.

However, as shown below, there are some valuable lessons for you and the children can be taken from the cooking together, you know. What are ya? Listen more.

1. Life Is a Challenge
Heavy and messy. Living (and cooking) do not always go as you expect, even if you’ve done everything right. But the life (and cook together) is also fun, as well as complementary. Children can learn to become more resilient, adaptable and forgiving.

2. Cooperate
When cooking together has become a routine you and your children, they will understand the meaning of working together. They will know which one to be a part he could do, and that by working together the work that you and he does will be easier and quicker finish.

3. Appreciate Food
Because he took part in cooking what he ate, your child will understand that affection discard or waste of food that has been cooked with hard work, and materials wasted if the food was not eaten or excessive in number. So that in subsequent cooking activities, he will know how much material should be used for a portion of the corresponding family.

4. Quality Time
You are a role introduced him and make cooking into a fun atmosphere for you and your children. Help each other, while you explain the process or the materials used. Make cooking fun atmosphere for children, so that they are not depressed, and enjoy being with you.

5. Allow One
Messy and dirty, not a problem as long as you can teach a lot of things in children is not it? Surely they will drop something, or make a kitchen becomes dirty. But of these events, you can also ask her to clean the kitchen together after finished cooking, as well as teach you how to be responsible.

6. Experiment
Not just cooking a new experience for him, but you can also introduce the flavors of the various ingredients in the kitchen. He also can learn to recognize a sense of what is produced if some of the ingredients are mixed. Of course this will be a pleasant experience, and gave him the courage to try new things.

Fun, is not it? Not only that, but you also indirectly teaches that children can live independently, and had a gastronomy that will certainly be very useful if he adulthood. You are also getting close to children.

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