Intelligence Improve Children’s Music

Musik Tingkatkan Kecerdasan Anak

Listening to music, either while still in the womb or during child care, may contribute to stimulate the baby’s intelligence.

“From the music mendegar later mutter or her child participate dancing, it proves that the brain is functioning,” said practitioner of applied neuroscience.

Indra human listener has been functioning since still in the womb, around the age of 3-4 months and the first sound a baby heard in the womb is the mother’s heartbeat. Voice until it becomes information through three processes from the ear to the brain. The incoming air is converted into vibrations in the eardrum or membrane, then changed again into a fluid vibration.

The brain then gets the information once through three processes it, and then respond. Initial response has been included intelligence. Music has a regular sound and able to go to the hemispheres of the brain, not just the cerebellum. Music arranger who participated as a speaker at the event, explaining the music, through rhythm can be an exercise of discipline because in it there is a high regularity. Practicing tone, he added, also can train cohesiveness and togetherness.

Music is life. He personally believes should not listen to classical music to stimulate children’s intelligence. Sought in classical music is actually regularity because the music has a certain pattern. Classical music, he added, has a certain frequency which leads to the concentration.

Soft music, such as jazz, can be played to choice for children, especially for a newborn child. The reason is the baby’s ears are still sensitive and while in the womb, he used to hear the heartbeat. Children can also be invited to listen to instrumental music with a musical instrument that is not much, for example, only the piano, with a range of high and low tones are balanced. Gradually until he could receive more instruments.

Any unusual sounds are heard daily, for example recitals, according be played as long as it does not trigger a heart rate that is too fast. He himself has experience delivering music to their children as a child. His first child, which he perdenagrkan rock, tend dare express their opinions than the second child, who exposed jazz, the relaxed demeanor. But, it is a blend of music and what we teach at home.

Thus information about Education for Children, may be useful to you.

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