In order for Children No Fussy When bathed

anak rewel saat mandi

Not infrequently we find that the toddler is hard to if invited shower. Rejection was not only done with crying, sometimes they also have many reasons to escape even when the invite to the bath. The water is cold, the atmosphere is less comfortable bathrooms and trauma could be the cause of why your baby fussy and fear of bathing.

And to overcome this, this is what Mother can do for your child happy and comfortable in the bath :

  • Water
    Be sure to use warm water as water baby shower. If you want to teach him a bath with cold water, reduce water levels gradually freezing. If your child is familiar with the water that is not too warm, it can take a shower with cold water.
  • Bathtub
    Make sure the tub provides a pleasant and comfortable. Make sure also that the tub is safe. Typically, the bathtub for the little guy is a bucket that is designed specifically as a toddler bath. Avoid using the tub is damaged. This could injure the sensitive skin of the child.

  • Toy
    So that the little happy and feel at home in the bath, give him water toys. Toys can be stuffed duck water, fish, fisheries or the like. Choose a toy that he likes and has a lot of color. Toys can be made more comfortable and happy in the bath.
  • Create Atmosphere Fun
    Mother, make sure to always create a pleasant atmosphere when the small shower. If your child wants a long soak, let it soak. Still, make sure the safety and health to linger in the water. You can also turn on the music for your child to stay calm and relaxed. In addition to music, you can decorate the bathroom with drawings and writings as well as the child preferred toys.

That little tips to overcome the fear of bathing. By paying attention to it all, we can be sure your baby will be happy and comfortable when taking a shower. How Mother, pretty easy right? Hopefully the little guy is not afraid of a shower huh?

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