In order Appetite Children You Better

Agar Nafsu Makan Anak Anda Lebih Baik

For those who have children and are toddlers in the house, of course, the mother will be very busy with activities to care for and maintain their children. We need to know, care for and maintain your child is still a toddler arguably tricky. Even so, taking care of your children who are toddlers will be very difficult and annoying when you do not want the child to eat or picky. If it is left alone, would your child will be malnourished and nutrition.

To that end, each of the parents, especially the mother must be very clever to care for and ensure that your child will eat well. And in order for your child’s appetite for the better, at least there are some things you can do at home mom. What are these? Here’s his review.

  • Create a meal schedule
    Be sure to create a feeding schedule for your child. According to some nutritionists, children need to eat at least 3 to 4 hours. Whether it is eating rice, porridge or just a snack and drink. So, keep your child eat the regularly scheduled time. Create a daily schedule of what time the children eat rice, eat snacks and drink milk (ASI). When your child has a regular mealtime, can increase appetite and his diet was going well.
  • Change Meal Baby
    In order for your child’s appetite for the better. Try to give him food menu is diverse and always changing every day. If you give the same food every day to your child, it will only make baby bored and do not like to eat. Always replace your child’s diet and the adequate nutrients needed by the body well.

  • Eat Foods Eaten your child
    If you want your child to eat certain foods, make sure that it and all members of the family also eat these foods. For example, if you want your child to eat a banana or spinach, family members also need to eat these foods. Give examples of your child so that he ate a good meal and liked by his family.
  • Create an atmosphere Eating Fun
    Keep feeding activity is a fun activity. In this way, be sure your child’s appetite will improve and become better. Can ask your child to eat while playing or sitting on the front porch while watching people pass by. When your children are happy and comfortable, eating activity will be more enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Encourage your child Cooking And Choosing The food Alone
    One more way to get your child’s appetite for the better is take your children to cook or choose their own food. By involving your child in a cooking activity or choosing their own food, this will increase the appetite. But remember, when you are cooking or taking children to choose their own food, make sure that the activity is safe for him.

That means that your child’s appetite for the better. In addition to the above, other ways that can be done is to provide a sprinkling of sugar on top of the food your child so that the food taste sweeter and the like, introduce new foods slowly and slowly, do not scold the baby when he would not eat, overcome by patient feeling when your child does not want to eat and make sure that the food that the mother gave her tastes good.

Hopefully this information is useful. If your child has difficulty eating, do not be desperate to get them back to have a good appetite yes.

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