Identify diseases that threaten your baby



It will be discussed here is the variety of childhood diseases is very much developed lately . In general, the presence of modern medical technology should be able to prevent the virus generally makes the percentage of disease in early childhood has declined significantly. However , through lifestyle daily in classrooms , day care centers , and so forth , the children will be more vulnerable to disease .

Some of the most common illnesses of early childhood are hepatoblastoma ( liver cancer ) and Eisenmenger syndrome ( hypertensive heart ) .

1 . hepatoblastoma

These diseases are less common , but if diagnosed , can be fatal . This disease occurs in most of the infants to toddlers , and can appear when a newborn ( the most common ) .

This disease usually affects infants up to 3 years and occurs in the liver . The main function of the liver is to filter and store blood , and cancer cells usually appear near the lobe of the liver . Generally , in most cases , the left lobe affected . Because the liver that carry bile folds waste from the liver , the disease can be fatal . It can cause Wiedemann – Beckwith hepatoblastoma include syndrome , hemihypertrophy , and familial adenomatous polyposis .

In addition , children who are exposed to hepatitis B also increases risk for developing hepatoblastoma . Symptoms can range from vomiting , abdominal pain mild to serious . Hepatoblastoma can be diagnosed via MRI , biopsy , ultra – sound and alpha – fetoprotein test . The disease can occur through five stages , and then repeated stages . Surgery or chemotherapy is the most common treatment plan for hepatoblastoma .

Recent research on the disease include inhibitors and biologic therapy . Typically , the most common operation and effective in the treatment plan for patients with hepatoblastoma .

2 . Eisenmenger syndrome

This disease can occur in infants with structural heart problems . This affects the flow of blood from the heart to the lungs . Severe chest pain and shortness of breath may occur in infants . Babies are powered by the engine of oxygen , and blood removed to reduce red blood cell and replace it through volume replacement . , MRI Scan cats , CBC , and an ultrasound of the heart is the way to diagnose this disease .

The number of patients experiencing a decrease in the symptoms earlier because doctors have been able to detect and treat defects more quickly . Surgery is the isolation procedures for the treatment of patients with Eisenmenger syndrome .

Generally , this disease can be treated if detected early . With modern medicine , reoccurring patient examination followed by specific drugs and treatment plans can lead to the child’s normal lifestyle . Continuous therapy against a specific treatment plan has been debated in one of the three diseases . Surgery is the primary treatment plan long term in both cases and has been the most effective .

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