How to overcome shyness children



If your child is really shy , do not ever labeled by , as it will make getting into a child’s shyness . Remember , children will behave in accordance with what is labeled . You can contribute to minimize shyness in children .

Previously , the parents need to do is figure out , what causes it , and under what circumstances such as children become shy . Is it only when outside the home , in the current exceptional circumstances , and so on . That way , parents have accurate data before it handles the cause .

Furthermore , parents can do this a number of ways :

1 . Teach children to behave , behave , and even manners in a variety of specific situations . How he learned to start a conversation with her ??greeting . For example, say hello , praised , or divide it carries snacks . After the first communication goes well , children can learn to lift the hot topics or be a child’s favorite .

2 . Give children skilled training so he spoke in front of a crowd or public , begins with a talk in front of a mirror , then in front of his parents and siblings at home .

3 . Teach also so that he can lead by giving him tasks and responsibilities , such as leading the prayer in the classroom .

4 . Encourage her to be brave and open when expressing his frustration over the steam .

5 . Parents give an example , how to become a person who is confident and bold , so that children can emulate . While at the restaurant , and the food does not get to order , for example , parents dare to call a waiter to ask him to replace it .

6 . Create a safe environment for children , so that children do not feel anxious or fearful blamed , ridiculed , scolded , and so on .

7 . Help your child make her feel comfortable with her ??feelings , it also helps foster self-confidence with a variety of skills .

When parents feel is maximal but still not succeeded in changing the nature of the shy child , there is no harm in asking for the help of experts . That way , potential and social skills children are not affected by excessive shyness .

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