How To Children More Than Love Books Gadgets

How To Children More Than Love Books Gadgets

In an age that is sophisticated and everybody already has a gadget, you might miss the days when books are still so many people’s favorite. As many people know, there is a sentence which says that the book is a window to the world, but it seems that role began to shift with the advent of the internet. No wonder then the present generation more closely with the Internet than with a book. But do not let the kids loved the computer screen or gadget, so get to read books has more benefits you know. Try these five tips that children love to read books.

  • Make a habit of reading books in the house (even before they go to school)
    Good habits should start from the immediate environment, the family. Inviting children to get used to reading books home will make him aware of the importance of reading books. You can start with a children’s story book she likes, even before they enter school.
  • There was a problem reading the same book over and over again
    When children like something, he will continue to repeat it again and again. Do not get bored with her to read the book over and over again, even though he already knew the story but still felt the same pleasure of children, so accompany only while you introduce other storybook.
  • Read the books you want to read
    Although he may not understand what you read, let him join to see what you read. You can read a few sentences on it and explain what you are reading. Create simple as possible.

  • Create activities related to the story in the book
    It helps you make the activities related to the story book that children enjoy, such as drawing or coloring Cinderella and others. It also can also train motor skills and creativity.
  • Connect with real-life story book
    There are many valuable lessons from fairy tales, fables and stories of other children who can be linked with real life, daily activities and the formation of character. When teaching something, usually a child better understand if you connect with the story that he had heard and seen from a children’s story.

So it’s not hard actually to get children to read, as long as the habit is growing first in your life and your child can imitate you. Let’s teach children to love books more than a gadget.

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