How to Capture the Moment Small Growth

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Being a mother is the most beautiful grace and became a very happy moment for every woman. Every moment with your baby will be a forgotten memory.

Since the baby is born, sometimes the baby’s growth will be felt very quickly. At the age of 0 to 1 year, your baby will experience so much from the first time the child crawling, standing, and walking. Moments like this of course would be a pity to pass up. Do not want to forget the memories of your baby is not growing? Well, consider the following way.

1. Writing Journal
You can write a story about what happened to the child every day. No need to write something long. For example, you could write about how the child took its first step, or how to react when he fell. etc.

2. Taking A Photo
Photo is the easiest way to capture special moments child. Photos of all the activities the child started when he was playing, sleeping, bathing and many more. No need photo-planned and with a pose that had been prepared. Just make random photos that seem more natural. It will be a sweet memory for recalls when the child began to grow up.

3. Create a Time Capsule
Create a time capsule with your baby when he celebrated his first birthday. You can put a lot of things about the child from photos, magazines, letters from family members, memorabilia, and much more.

4. Make Footage
You can also make a video record the activities of the child. Could when he was playing, singing, dancing, or the cute little reaction. Behavior that adorable little guy would be a pity to miss, is not it?

5. Make Goodies From the Photo Small
You can also make beautiful trinkets on the photo of the child. Can be magnets, tote bags, throw pillow, photo books, canvas art, or the other. Memories like these will not only help you capture the growth of small, but also can decorate your house at the same time.

Thus information about How to Capture the Moment Small Growth, hopefully this information useful to you.

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