How to Bathe a Baby

cara memandikan baby

At the time of bathing the baby will make sure she was eating and calm when going bathing. Hours bath baby does not need to be on time as adults. But pick a time when he was not nervous as too close to the time of eating or being hungry. Because this will only make it more difficult calm during the bath. Better to use a washcloth bath soft or soft cloth to wash. So it is safer for the skin. Then prepare also special baby shower.

For the safety of your child, it would be better if you put carpet in the bottom of the tub bathing infants. This can make the baby sit comfortably and avoid the possibility of slipping due to basic tub slippery. Do not forget to also prepare a dry soft towels, diapers and clothes instead. Put a spot close to the bath in order memudahkanmu to immediately drain the child’s body.

While bathing him, never done while doing other work yes, ma’am! Because when disambi with other activities can be very dangerous. Most importantly also, check the water temperature to be used, preferably warm, which is not too cold or hot. Check with your hand or elbow us alone, if it is convenient for us, will be safe for the child, Mom.

Start Bathing
Open the baby clothes and carrying a baby with steady. Reach the whole back of the baby’s body and reserving the right distance with the current baby will be entered into the bathtub. If it is still difficult to hold control over the child, use the hand as well to control the neck and head. So he is in a secure grasp. To make it more relaxed, do not forget to invite the baby talk or sing to her yes, ma’am.

Time to Wash
Use soap and a special baby shampoo that makes avoid skin irritation or things that are dangerous yes, ma’am. Always start by washing his face with a washcloth or towel soft bath yes, then followed by washing the entire body and ends with a hair wash. Well before washing hair, dressing first baby with a towel so that she is not cold yes, ma’am. Be sure not to the eyes ya!

Balut her baby and dry with a soft dry towel. Do not let him wet for too long because it will only make cold and can cause pain ya bu. It’s ready dong bathe your baby, now?

Similarly, information about the way Bathing Baby, I hope this information is useful for parents who have recently had a baby.

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