Helping Your Adopted Child

Adopting a child can be an amazing experience.  You are growing your family and giving a child a chance at a normal, healthy and happy life.  Normal, healthy and happy does not mean perfect and especially if your child is older, they may have trouble making the transition into being a part of your family.  Now, studies do show that most adopted children are as healthy psychologically as children born into the family.  If your adopted child is having trouble —at school, making friends, or sleeping, it could just be normal childhood drama.

Then again, your child’s issue may be related to the adoption.  There are many places that offer adopted children counseling.  Ask your family doctor for a referral or talk to other parents of adopted children (if you know any).  You can go online and find support groups and other resources to help you find someone you feel comfortable with.  Make sure the therapist you choose has some experience dealing with adoption.

One other thing that might help is seeking out a support group where your child can interact with other adopted children.  They may not know any at school and feel they are different as a result.  Being in a room filled with adopted kids might be the solution you are looking for.

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