While accompanying children to the playground, he seemed more silent than other children. If children his age running around, chattering, joking to screaming, the child would choose to sit quietly on a bench. Seeing these facts, do not panic, Mother. Not necessarily problematic toddler in communicating or socializing.

1. Find out why
Finding no children aged 2 years sociable with strangers, then changed drastically becomes quiet at the age of 3 years. This is because children aged 2 to 4 years of entering a new phase of anxiety toward strangers so that they are afraid of a stranger.

2. Encourage the child to interact according to their interests taciturn Children tend to have a unique and powerful interests. Give children the opportunity to undergo his interest. When parents get involved and support, children are happy and confident to socialize with other children. To follow his silence interests, encourage children to get acquainted with what is in the environment. Start first with inanimate objects, plants or animals. If he had refused to move and told me, then encourage him to interact with their peers. Or take the kids to play-which does not require interaction with other people.

3. Keep asking children to talk
Give full understanding in children that being quiet is okay. Explain that he does not have to be like the A or the B talkative. But explained that he could not keep quiet if he wanted to ask something, mengungakapkan feelings (such as sadness or happiness), felt uncomfortable, feeling sick or hurt by other people. Tell that to speak, the mother, father, and others will understand what he wants.

4. Help your child learn to express
Silencing not necessarily ignorant or do not care. It could be that the child does not know how to express what was in the mind and feelings. Let’s help him! How often encourage children to talk and also give it a chance to speak. Avoid cut him because it can discourage him. Later, he was reluctant to speak again, and chose to remain silent. After the chat, try to ask a question. Useful to see what had captured children via chat earlier. Reading books and singing can also help toddlers to identify how to express something.
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