Nothing more to be proud parents today have great kids, which is responsive to children who have achievements in academics and also has a sense of caring.A great kid to have a balance between cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ). Then, how roles and parental support to form a Small One became a great kid?

Stimulation IQ and EQ
Provide the appropriate stimulation in accordance with the period of growth, but keep in mind that progress can not be measured like EQ IQ. The development of the EQ Small is a process that must be developed gradually from an early age.

To make appropriate parenting, invite other family members to work together in order to create an environment that supports the growth of children.Maximize the potential of the Little by providing stimulation as follows:

1. Wholeheartedly
Leave your cell phone or stop doing other activities when with the little one. Give your full attention even just rolled along, run chase arrest or tell each other stories.If done lovingly then the cells will develop emotionally Small One.

2. Share
Give the little one bag of chocolate, persuaded the Small to share them with friends.Do not forget to encourage him counting. In addition to honing IQ he learned how to behave, share and socialize with their environment.

3. Empathy
Introduce your face shape and emotion. Mother can draw it on paper and ask the little one to imitate.By recognizing the reaction of a person’s face, it will be easier for the mother to introduce empathy for the little one, like a comforting father after work.

4. Give responsibility
Give responsibility appropriate to his ability. Simply ask the little one doing simple things like; up his toys, turn off the television after watching or put the shoe in place.In addition to training motor, spirit of responsibility and discipline the little one can be formed.

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