Flash danger to babies



Attention to the development of the baby at any time is a very pleasant thing for each pair of parents . Moreover, if these developments enshrined into the video or photos , so it can be memorable .

Especially with the current technological developments video recorder and digital camera into a tool that is easy to capture beautiful moments associated with the growth and development of our children .

On both cameras use digital cameras and analog cameras often there is a flash or flash lights that are useful to help obtain a good picture is one that is usually congenital facilities of the camera .

Is a flash of light flash or the flash disrupt our children’s health ? Flash of light flash of light turns out to have almost the same strength with the power of the sun is about 6000 degrees Kelvin . While infants under 4 months of age have not been perfect eyesight and is in the process of perfecting his vision .

With too many times in photos using flash light or flash in fear will interfere with the function of the vision is not perfect . So it’s best if we want to capture images , especially children who are still under the age of 4 months of not using flash. Photograph in a well lit room so no need to use flash.

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