Fashion shape your child’s character

moslem child clothes

moslem child clothes

Try to see your daughter ‘s behavior . At what age did your daughter start preening in front of a mirror , demonstrates the fashion style that he likes ? If your daughter has started literate fashion , you can shape the character and hone his skills through his love for fashion .

According to consultant and director of Square Atelier style , Aju Isni Karim , through fashion foster children can learn self-confidence , courage appear to be different , as well as creativity and skill in mix and match colors , and even teach the child to be a smart shopper . Fashion is also a communication tool to build the mother and child .

Mother of Rafi ( 12 ) , Nares ( 8 ) , and Elisha ( 6 ) this proves how fashion had a positive impact on child development . The veiled woman likes to communicate with his daughter Nares , including in selecting the style of Muslim dress .

” Fashion is fun to build maternal and child communication . Many positive benefits to the child-care fashion , ” said Isni told Compass Female .

Isni said Nares conscious style since the age of six . While the matter of mix and match colors and clothing , Nares began to understand her at age eight . Fashion became a tool for Isni for directing and shaping the personality of her daughter . Through the choice of clothing styles and mix and match colors , Nares grow into a child who dared to be different , and confident with her ??appearance in Muslim dress .

” Children can be directed through a variety of ways . Character development , such as self-confidence can also be done in many ways . Fashion can be one way of empowering children , ” said Isni which often take the example of Michelle Obama’s appearance is fashionable , elegant , and exciting to be discussed with Nares . ” Through fashion Michelle , Nares learn how to choose clothes , including the color , the right to adjust the color of the skin , such as Michelle is always well dressed and choosing the right outfit can adjust the color of his skin , ” .

to be different
Fashion helps children to dare to be different . Style choices that are introduced to children early to form a positive personality . For example , in the her confidence to be creative with fashion , it makes the children dared to be different is not uniform with other children . Then , the impact on the personality of the child is a child is able to think creatively .

” Through fashion , stimulated children to think out of the box , dare to be creative , do not feel to be the same with his friends . If this mind waking early , when he grew up he hopes to grow independently , be creative and not get stuck in the safe lane , “said Isni .

Nares attended Islamic schools , and having a mother that Muslim dress . At a young age , Nares not compulsory Islamic dress , but she learned from her mother wearing Muslim clothing . With her ??guidance , Nares studying fashion and creative with fashion style . As a result , different styles Moslem Nares with other children .

“Children are even more creative and critical in view of a product . They can apply the product with their creations , through the questions they ask of a product it sees . Parent’s job is to explain to the child , ” said Isni .

Custom built Isni along Nares to fruition . Isni admit , Nares more savvy when shopping . Each saw fashion , he would immediately think a solid match . How fashion is still displayed in the storefront can created with its clothing at home . Or even , if the clothing in the store can be used for various activities eg .

” Son of a smart shopper . And precisely because it is more efficient to apply the concept of mix and match clothing and colors , ” he added .

With the ability to pick and choose their own clothes , baby can also be independent . He will choose the right clothes for him , adjusting activities , without the need to ask his mother to pick out clothes .

So , when your daughter begins to show its attention to fashion , it’s time you drive . Child may start literacy through her ??favorite fashion and this , you could form a useful positive personality for himself .

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