Familiarize Your Children To Drink Water

Drinking Water

The body needs fluids to be met every day. Among adults with children requires a different amount of fluid. Unlike adults who are aware of the need for drinking water, children need to be reminded that they do not dehydrate. Children desperately need fluids for growth.

Do not get tired of reminding the child to drink water. If it is cool to play thirst was not considered by them. Parents must have a way to draw their drinking water.

The key so that children want and are accustomed to drinking enough water is made ??to drink into a fun activity. For example, by providing forms glasses with funny and interesting, or with colorful straws. In addition, the activities carried out drinking with friends will increase the child’s interest to do so. If there are friends who already have the habit of drinking enough water, make it as an example of his motivation to add your child to drink water.

In the fluid to meet the child’s body, is not recommended because of the sweet drink sweet drinks contain empty calories that are bad for children abdominal circumference. Plus, the sweet taste is addictive so that children are likely to continue to charge the same drink next.

Water needs vary depending on the child’s age and weight. But the average for toddler age need 800 cc up to one liter of water per day.

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